Nothing Like A Family

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The Stovers Of Philadelphia


Trees have ’em, so do human beings. Roots hold fast when the harsh winds blow. They nourish. They keep (us) from falling.

God designed roots. For trees, for families.

I love my roots. Every anchoring one of them.

Smoky Mountain Home

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Is there a sweeter word?
I left these mountains as a child.
They never left me.
I’m back.
I’ll be here till I see the Hills of Heaven.

(words & music © Jim Stover, Eddie Swann)
Sweet Lil Susie Songs, BMI
Swann Song Music, BMI

American Heroes

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From the signing of The Declaration of Independence to our individual ‘sign outs’ at the close of each day, it took and it takes a lot of everyday heroes to make and keep this great land of ours strong.

Many extraordinary ordinary people gave their all to make America what it is today.

In spite of the current conditions and divisiveness, America remains the Greatest Nation on the face of the earth.

Moral relativism, cultural rot, and politicians and ideologues, left and right but mostly left, have created for our society some serious problems. We the People are still serious problem solvers, however.

A majority of Americans still possess the American spirit, that innate inner desire and drive to implement, and to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Many of our greatest heroes have been soldiers.

This song was written to honor them.

“All American Heroes” performed by The Akins

Words & music by Jim Stover ©1989 / Sweet Lil Susie Songs, BMI